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Issue Position: Jobs

Issue Position

Location: Unknown

Jobs. Jobs. Jobs.

The greatest need that we have in our District right now is JOBS.
Families are divided because of unemployment. Businesses are closing because people don't have money to spend because of unemployment. The number of our neighbors who are moving toward poverty is growing because of unemployment. We need jobs, and we need them NOW!

I would advocate the following actions to increase employment for our District:

1) Support and promote the Nexus Tech Initiative in our local libraries. This will provide personalized training and education for those who need and desire it and better prepare them for well-paying and rewarding careers.

2) Advocate and fight for the removal of regulations that inhibit the start-up of new businesses. If you have ever participated in a start-up, you know about the red tape that is tied in knots by so many state and local agencies. Let's unravel some of those knots and make it easier for the entrepreneurs among us to start some businesses and create some new jobs!

3) Advocate and fight for reduced taxation on new businesses. Did you know that businesses have to pay $800 in taxes each year, even if they have no sales and no profit? It really throws cold water on anyone wanting to start a new business and put people to work!

California has become one of the most business-hostile states in the nation. I will do all in my power to turn that around an provide JOBS for you, for your family, for your friends and neighbors.

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