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UNIONS SAVE LIVES, repeal all anti-union laws for union safety contract rules, union life saving equipment contracts, healthcare for all workers and fair working conditions of hours worked, qualification for promotion and retirement.

Green energy SAVES MONEY SAVES LIVES provides living wages jobs for all as we transition from fossil fuel polluters & slow cancer nukes. We need many thousands of new IBEW skilled electricians & helpers to install over one million wind electricity generators across the state. Install over one million solar collectors on top of homes & businesses.

Green energy will reduce rates charged to consumers and reduce greed by executives of power companies while reducing poisons into our air, our water & our soils or absorbed into our bodies. Our improved health will lower costs of medicine.

Raising the minimum wage laws will grow our consumer economy helping, not hurting businesess. Top pay is artificially set too high while low pay is artificially set too low. People need to earn enough to buy what they make or serve from employers or neighbors.

Transportation must reform. We can replace 99% of all polluting vehicles by 2050 while growing the economy 158%. We can keep a few antiques and modify existing engines to far lower toxic emissions. UAW builds fine vehicles here in SC, we can build new hydrogen engines for trains, trams, solar electric busses and personal travel.

Imagine Chareleston becoming a city like Portland, Oregon. Commuters very well served by trains & public transit so that 3-5 car families are totally un-necessary. One or 2 IS ENOUGH. Imagine mountains where our rivers are & you can see a similarly sprawling metro area of the same size. Yet we have gridlock & one third the population because we have so little industry and so much space devoted to jammed up freeways.

When we build new industry, we will have more nice homes, paid for by living wage jobs as commuters can ride with their neighbors to work, shops, schools, arts, sports, entertainment, hospitality & food venues.

Living according to 1860 planning can not be allowed to continue choking our growth.

We need equality guiding our social policies not the religion of hate and discrimination, be it dictating to women, denying marriage benefits or holding our students back from science learning.

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