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Issue Position: Securing Our Borders

Issue Position

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It is the duty of our federal government to protect and secure our national borders. Yet, as the constant threat of terrorism and increased drug cartel violence intensifies, millions of unidentified persons continue to cross our borders illegally, posing grave risks to the sovereignty of the United States and the security of its people. Our lawmakers and government leaders have refused to address this issue, leaving Arizona and other border states to handle this dangerous problem on their own. Even worse, our federal government is now attempting to block efforts by states like Arizona to prevent illegal immigration and apprehend those who break our immigration laws.

As a representative from a border state, I understand why Arizona and other border states are fighting back against the federal government. I believe any plan by the federal government to block deportations is nothing short of backdoor amnesty and I will join these states in opposing this dangerous policy.

Securing our borders requires wide-ranging and swift action by Congress. I will lead these efforts by advocating for increased funding and training for our border patrol agents, advancing technology for aerial surveillance programs, and ensuring the completion of a wall that stretches the entire border. In addition, I will call for the continued use of National Guard troops to ensure we have the necessary strength to patrol our borders. America is a nation where immigrants want to live and prosper, and I believe immigration reform can be done properly and fairly so we can welcome those who comply with our immigration policies.

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