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Pat McCrory, Jeb Bush Meet With Asheville Area Women

Press Release

Location: Raleigh, NC

Today, Pat McCrory and Jeb Bush visited Asheville to attend a brunch hosted by the Women for McCrory Coalition and discuss solutions to fix North Carolina's broken economy and reform education. The two leaders took part in a conversation with the audience of 200, moderated by Women for McCrory Chairwoman and Former Ambassador Dr. Aldona Wos.

"We have to modernize and reform our tax code, which was written back in the 1930s," said McCrory. "My opponent has a history of raising taxes on North Carolinians. He voted for $7.4 billion in new taxes as a state senator and he supports maintaining Governor Perdue's $850 million "temporary' tax. That's the wrong approach for North Carolina when we face such high unemployment."

"A competitive, stable tax environment is important for a state's economy to grow," said Jeb Bush. "In Florida we cut $20 billion in taxes to unleash the private sector, creating 1.4 million net new jobs for Floridians. If North Carolina wants to be competitive and create jobs, it will have to reform its tax code for the 21st century."

North Carolina has the 4th highest unemployment rate and its corporate and personal income taxes are the highest in the region. In a Thumbtack study, North Carolina earned a C+ in overall business friendliness and the state's tax code earned a D+, ranking it 34th in the nation.

Pat's plan to fix the economy would make government more responsive to business, while modernizing the tax code to spur job creation, productivity and innovation.

McCrory and Bush also discussed common sense reforms for education to promote student achievement and hold schools accountable for results. Currently, North Carolina schools are failing to graduate 1 in 5 students.

"We cannot be satisfied with the status quo and low expectations because a strong education system is too important to the future of our state. We need to promote academic success and hold the schools accountable for producing prepared students to enter the workforce," said Pat McCrory.

"The skills students are learning in the classroom must prepare them to be successful in college and their careers," added Jeb Bush. "Tragically, many students are graduating high school without those skills and too many are not graduating at all. Schools must be held accountable for student learning and parents should be empowered to select the school that best fits their child."

As governor of Florida, Jeb Bush led the charge for education reform and revolutionized the way Florida's schools operate. Under Bush's leadership, Florida ended social promotions and instituted merit pay for teachers, making schools accountable for student performance.

"I know that under Pat McCrory's leadership, North Carolina can start its own comeback story by fixing its economy and implementing much-needed educational reforms," said Jeb Bush.

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