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Walter Dalton: North Carolina's $8 Billion Man

Press Release

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"Lt. Governor Dalton has a long record of voting to raise taxes on North Carolinians. While in the Senate, he raised taxes 23 times and he has promised to raise taxes on North Carolinians again if elected Governor.

"Instead of raising billions of dollars in taxes on North Carolinians, we must reform our tax code to create an economic environment that will allow our job-creators to put people back to work."
- Pat McCrory

Lt. Governor Dalton Falsely Attacked Pat McCrory on Taxes

Pat McCrory "wants to increase the tax burden on working families." (Ford Porter, Spokesman for Lt. Gov. Dalton, Fayetteville Observer, 7/12/2012)

While in the Senate, Walter Dalton Raised Taxes 23 Times, Adding a Over $7.4 Billion in New Taxes to North Carolinians


SL 2001-424: "Temporarily" increase state sales tax rate from 4% to 4.5%
SL 2001-424: "Temporarily" create new 8.25% income tax bracket for highest income households
SL 2001-424: Impose 5% sales tax on satellite television service
SL 2001-424: Increase taxes on alcohol
SL 2001-424: Tax all telecommunications at 6%
SL 2001-424: Authorize ½ cent local sales tax

SL 2002-126: Delay Marriage Tax Credit
SL 2002-126: Delay Child Tax Credit
SL 2002-123: Accelerate the ½ cent local tax option

SL 2003-284: Extend "Temporary" 4.5% sales tax rate
SL 2003-284: Extend "Temporary" 8.25% income tax for top income tax bracket

SL 2005-276: Extend "Temporary" 4.5% sales tax rate
SL 2005-276: Extend "Temporary" 8.25% individual tax income tax rate
SL 2005-276: Increase tax on telecommunication from 6% to 7%
SL 2005-276: Increase tax on home satellite television services from 5% to 7%
SL 2005-276: Increase tax on liquor from 6% to 7%
SL 2005-276: Increase tax on railway cars and locomotives
SL 2005-276: Impose telecommunications tax on voicemail
SL 2005-276: Impose sales tax to satellite radio
SL 2005-276: Impose uniform sales tax on candy
SL 2005-276: Increase tobacco taxes
SL 2005-276: Impose general sales tax rate (7%) to cable

SL 2007-323: Make permanent the remaining ¼ cent of the "temporary" sales tax rate
Walter Dalton Promises to Maintain the $850 Million Perdue "Temporary" Tax if Elected Governor

"Gov. Bev Perdue will propose restoring a 3/4-cent sales tax increase in the next state budget…The tax increase would raise $850 million a year." (Lynn Bonner, "Gov. Perdue to propose restoring N.C. sales-tax increase," Charlotte Observer, 1/17/2012)
"Gov. Bev Perdue has been promoting a three-quarter-cent sales tax increase and Dalton has endorsed that proposal." (Mark Binker, "Fact Check: Republican Governors begin attack on Dalton," WRAL, 5/15/2012)

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