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Issue Position: Education

Issue Position

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Schools are the foundation for success in our district, state and country. It is imperative that our schools give our children the latest and best tools they need to succeed in society and in business. Our district is blessed with some of the most caring and professional educators.

Both of my daughters attended the Abbeville public schools from kindergarten through high school. My daughter Leah earned a B.S. in Nursing from Clemson. My daughter Anna is a Nursing major at Lander University. I feel they were well prepared by the education they received here in our school district. I believe in our public schools.

Schools are for the students. Access to greater educational opportunities allows them to develop a greater understanding of our world and how it works.

Funding of our schools is of particular interest to all taxpayers and parents. Without proper funds, schools can neither attract nor retain the best teachers. The same follows for educational tools in the classroom.

Since funding comes from our tax revenues via sales taxes, property taxes, etc. It is imperative that the legislature, Department of Education and local school districts be good stewards with these funds. Finding waste and eliminating it is essential to the success of our schools.

One of the greatest obstacles for our teachers is excessive, redundant and oftentimes useless regulations. This is the result of layers upon layers of rules, regulations and policies emanating from the federal and state educational bureaucracies. Streamlining and elimination of these requirements is essential to improving the classrooms for our teachers.

In order to improve our educational system, I will work to remove these unneeded and detrimental regulations as well as waste and redundancy. The future of our children is at stake.

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