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The News Herald - Candidate Dan Forest Goes Door-to-Door in Burke

News Article

Location: Morganton, NC

By Julie N. Chang

With just days to go until North Carolina's second primary Tuesday, lieutenant governor candidate Dan Forest made a stop in the county to campaign door-to-door.

Forest, a Raleigh architect and Republican, is in a run-off election with Tony Gurley for the party's nomination. Forest won 33 percent of the 769,230 May 8 primary votes and Gurley won 25 percent. The winner will face Democrat Linda Coleman in November.

The grassroots, door-to-door campaign has been a daily occurrence in Forest's camp for the past six weeks. He's stopped in one county each week day -- for a total of 30 counties -- to knock on doors.

Part of the goal is to let people know about the run-off election Tuesday, Forest said.

"Secondly, we're letting them know that we are coming back to earn their vote," Forest said.

In the Salem area, one woman opened the door in her pajamas and a robe, but expressed interest and enthusiasm for Forest. Another woman was less enthusiastic but took a door hanger explaining Forest's platform.

"I like to say that if a politician is not willing to come knock on your door before the election, they're probably not going to come knock on your door after an election," Forest said. "We have proven over the last year and a half that we are willing to do the hard work it takes to serve the people of North Carolina."

If elected, Forest said he'll focus on making North Carolina "the most friendly state for business in America."

Eliminating the state's corporate income tax, reducing the gas tax and creating a personal income tax bracket for small business owners are ways to attract industries and create jobs, Forest said.

Businesses want to grow and reducing government regulations will help them create wealth, which in turn creates jobs, Forest said.

The candidate said as he's gone from door to door, he's encountered a lot of people who are unemployed.

"One of the reasons they're home in the middle of the week is because they're unemployed," Forest said. "…I think we need to elect leaders across the board, both at the local level and state level, who are willing to make the really tough decisions for the future of North Carolina. Not just now, not just for some special interest in the moment, but long term."

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