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Kaine Highlights Bipartisan Record, Exposes Allen's Hollow Rhetoric

Press Release

Location: Richmond, VA

During Saturday's Virginia Bar Association debate and a subsequent interview with CNN's Candy Crowley, Tim Kaine continued to highlight his long record of bipartisanship as he exposed George Allen's attempts to rewrite a decades-long career of division.

In an interview with Crowley, Kaine laid out what he's heard from Virginians as he's traveled the Commonwealth. "What Virginians tell me Candy is again and again before they even talk about issues, we've got to have people who can work together," Kaine told Crowley. "We can have the best ideas, and I think we've got really good ideas about how to get the economy going, but if the two camps just get in their corners and they won't work together - that's why we're having such significant problems."

Kaine continued, debunking George Allen's claims of bipartisanship by highlighting Allen's long record of hyper-partisan rhetoric and divisive tactics that have driven Virginians apart. "[W]hen my opponent says [I'm going to knock] Democrats' soft teeth down their whiny throats, when he name calls federal employees who live in Virginia by the hundreds of thousands, when he suggests that I'm anti-Virginian because I happen to support the President - these are the kind of things that happen in politics that pull people apart and tear people down," Kaine said. "We've got to have folks in politics who build folks up and pull us together."

During the debate Allen attempted to tout work with Senators like Hillary Clinton and John Kerry. However, Kaine reminded the audience that when he served with those senators, he called Senator Kerry an, "elite Massachusetts liberal who does not embrace the values we hold dear in Virginia" and said Clinton is "so contrary to all of our values, our principles and our ideals."

"That's yesterday's politics," said Kaine during the debate in Hot Springs. "We're not going to solve our problems if we continue down the path of smash mouth critique of the other side. We've got compete against the world to win."

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