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Senator Courtney's Comments on Rep. Pingree's Letter to Kathleen Sebelius


Location: Unknown

"Representative Pingree has taken an unprecedented step of subverting the will of the people of Maine as it relates to getting our unsustainable welfare spending back to the national average."

"Unfortunately her approach is consistent with her actions since she was elected. Rather than work together with elected officials to help lower the cost of health care, she has once again chosen to unilaterally act and act without consulting leaders or caring about the impact her actions would have on the State trying to balance the state budget. In Washington, they do not have to worry about balancing a budget they simply can print more money. In Maine, we have been elected to make the tough decisions and we have to balance our budget."

"As I have been travelling the district, it is becoming apparent that the people on Main Street are tired of partisan politics and expect their elected officials to work together to solve problems. This is a clear example of why Washington is broken."

"One might come to the conclusion that these actions are designed to cover up a failed record in congress with regards to job creation. Examples of this would include a 9% NFIB (National Federation of Independent Business) rating and a 17% Farm Bureau rating.

"I have great hope that the people of Main Street will take our nation back from the social policies that are taking away our freedom in America and bankrupting many nations in Europe. We must stand up and preserve the American dream. We can make the responsible tough decisions today or they will be made for us in the future."

Senator Courtney has served 10 years in the Maine Legislature and is currently the Senate Majority Leader and the chair of the Taxation Committee.

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