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Robert Makes 15-Point Pledge To Voters

Press Release

Location: Unknown

This week Robert Pittenger, the conservative Republican candidate in the 9th Congressional District, distributed a pledge to voters. In an email titled "Robert Pittenger Pledges to Serve You," Pittenger released the following statement to accompany his pledge to voters:

"As your Member of Congress, I will work tirelessly to accomplish these objectives. Your vote is important on July 17 to help make this happen."

The 15-points of The Pittenger Pledge follow:


1. Return to a Constitutional government with limited federal role.
2. Grow our economy and expand free markets with lower tax burden and less regulation.
3. Prioritize America's defense and security in budgeting and not allow cuts to fund a welfare state.
4. Stand for the "rule of law" in all immigration policies.
5. Protect our borders, recognizing that security threats can exist from porous borders.
6. Stand for the unborn, who have no voice but ours.
7. Defend 2nd Amendment Rights.
8. Return education to state and local autonomy.
9. Overturn Obamacare -- replace with competitive, market driven, patient-physician healthcare.
10. Overturn Dodd-Frank.
11. Protect the religious liberties of churches and religious institutions as sovereign entities and not subject to federal regulation.
12. Simplify the tax code.
13. Expand energy development by opening closed areas for exploration, while building more refineries and expanding nuclear and clean coal to become energy independent.
14. Rein in the EPA from egregious influence on development, energy policy and business growth.
15. Balanced budget-spending limits amendment.

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