Issue Position: State Budget

Issue Position

By:  Brian Nestande
Date: Jan. 1, 2012
Location: Unknown

The last thing hard working Californians need is to pay higher taxes so politicians in Sacramento can balance the state budget. Our state budget is out of balance because Democrats in control of state spending can't stop spending more than the taxes the state collects. Economics have proven that raising taxes is a disincentive to real growth. Government spending must be reduced if we are to increase private sector employment.

We know that the liberal theory of increased government spending has the disastrous results of a failed state. When spending is controlled and taxes are reduced, private investment brings in the business and jobs that are necessary for long term growth and prosperity.

I strongly support a spending cap to force government to live within its means. If the spending cap that Californians overwhelmingly supported in 1992, (the Gann Spending Cap), had not been diluted, California would be enjoying comfortable reserves today instead of facing a $20 Billion budget shortfall this year.

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