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Issue Position: Immigration

Issue Position

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Although the United States is founded on immigration, it was also founded on the rule of law. Congressman Steve Scalise wants to first seal the United States' borders with stronger security and enforcement of existing laws.

Scalise is a co-sponsor of the English Language Unity Act, H.R. 997 which would make English the official language of the United States. Scalise is working to cut off taxpayer funded benefits for illegal immigrants, and is an original co-sponsor of legislation that would end birthright citizenship, the Birthright Citizenship Act, H.R. 140.

Scalise is opposed to giving amnesty to the millions of illegal immigrants currently living in our country. He does not want to reward those who have committed a crime. Amnesty programs will only encourage more illegal aliens to cross our borders and drain our nation's resources. In 1986, the federal government granted amnesty to illegal immigrants, and millions more illegal immigrants have crossed our borders since. Amnesty failed then, and it will fail now.

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