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Issue Position: Energy and the Environment

Issue Position

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Colorado is the most scenic, ecologically diverse, and resource-rich state in the country. Every year, tens of millions of people move to and visit our state because of the mountains, rivers, parks, and incredible quality of life. With over 40 state and federal parks, vast public lands, world class skiing, boarding, rafting, fishing, hunting, hiking, climbing, camping, golfing, and numerous other outdoor activities, Colorado is the best state in the country for enjoying the outdoors.

With a population of five million people and one of the fastest growth rates in the country, we need to be strategic about how we preserve our water and other natural resources. When Joe Miklosi is elected to Congress, he will stand up for the state we love and help us plan for the future.

Joe will work with state, local and federal officials to make Colorado the Clean Energy capital of the country. Today, Colorado boasts nearly 5,000 wind, solar, biodiesel, geothermal and renewable energy companies. Approximately 15 years ago, there were only 150 renewable energy companies in Colorado.
Joe believes the fight against global climate change will not wait. Even those who have doubts must agree that reducing our reliance on foreign oil and finite carbon sources of energy is good economic policy and even better national security policy. Joe was a strong supporter of Amendment 37 in Colorado which made us the first state in the nation to mandate a 10% renewable energy portfolio. Joe worked to raise that mandate to 20% through statute and will work to make Colorado the renewable energy capital of the U.S. Continuing to develop and support a range of alternative energy sources will be a primary focus of his in Congress and it is the kind of industry that will create 21st-century jobs in Colorado that cannot be outsourced overseas.

Preserving Colorado's valuable water resources is one of Joe's highest priorities. He'll work on issues ranging from: basin of origin sharing among Colorado's water basins, water conservation efforts, incentives for water preservation appliances, and repairing and expanding existing dams instead of building new dams.

Joe will ensure the preservation of public lands for all hunters, and anglers that treat public lands with respect and leave the lands better off than they found them. Joe also believes that all law abiding citizens have a right to own guns to hunt and to protect themselves.

Joe supports the Clean Water Act, the Clean Air Act, the Safe Drinking Water Act, and other reasonable, environmental laws that protect our health and preserve our resources.

Throughout Joe's career, he's also been pushing commonsense solutions to improve our energy independence and environment.

Joe focused on passing the first Property Assessment Clean Energy (PACE) statewide program in the nation in 2010. With PACE, approximately 50,000 Colorado homeowners can voluntarily join a special improvement district, collectively bond on the market using their home as collateral, qualify for up to $25,000 to install solar or wind or energy efficiency improvements on their home and then pay the loan off over 20 years at a fixed rate of approximately 5% through an annual property tax assessment. The benefits include the creation of 3,000 -- 5,000 small business jobs over five years, increased long-term, property value of approximately 8 -- 10% and reduced energy bills for homeowners.

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