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Issue Position: Women

Issue Position

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Joe Miklosi will fight back against the war on women and work to protect every woman's access to birth control and a woman's right to choose. He will fight against radical proposals like the Personhood Amendment, which would severely limit or ban many types of birth control and would outlaw abortions, even in the most extreme cases, such as rape and incest. Joe is pro-choice and will continue to work to make abortions safe, rare, and legal.

Women's health programs that increase access to procedures like mammograms and pap smears or that offer support to new mothers and their children should not be the first on the chopping block as Congress works to balance the budget. We cannot balance our budget on the backs of women and children and Joe will fight to make sure that doesn't happen. For far too long organizations and programs that provide much needed medical advice and access to care have been targeted for cuts or vilified by far right extremists. Joe will stand up and make sure this stops.

Joe also supports the Lilly Ledbetter Act and fair pay for women. It's long past overdue for women to be paid the same for doing the same work as a man, and the Ledbetter Act takes a step in the right direction.

Joe also supports efforts to streamline the adoption process to make it easier for qualified adults to adopt a child into a loving home.

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