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Issue Position: Protecting Education

Issue Position

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Promoting Education and keeping local schools open:

Before becoming a public servant, Das Williams spent 5 years as a teacher in public schools and a year teaching at Antioch University in Santa Barbara. He has dedicated much of his life and career to ensuring the best possible education for the youth of California. Despite political resistance, he has fought to keep schools open and to stop budget cuts that so seriously undermine the quality of education in our state.

In his first year as an Asemblymember, Williams wrote AB 504, which allowed the people of Santa Barbara to invest money directly into local schools. By introducing this bill, Williams allowed Santa Barbara School Districts to receive local and voter approved parcel taxes once the school district had been unified. Unifying the Elementary and Secondary school districts will generate approximately $6 million in additional funding.

The parcel taxes are a vital part of a district that has been forced to make almost $20 million in cuts in the last few years. The legislation was strongly supported by the Superintendent of the Santa Barbara School Districts and the voters of Santa Barbara.

Education and Childhood Health:

AB1746: Protecting students from the negative health effects of sugary sports drinks by limiting their sale to school age students from one half-hour before the start of the school day to one half-hour after the end of the school day. This would take effect July 1, 2013. This would affect only sports drinks with 42 grams or less of added sweetener per 20-ounce serving. This is an extension of many schools phasing out of soda being sold on campus to help combat some of the factors that lead to obesity in school-age children.

AB 2442: Establishes the California Endowment to better develop and manage state properties in order to increase revenues for higher education. With the cost of education increasing every year, more and more qualified students are being denied access to the education that will help them to find good paying jobs in a variety of growing fields. Programs like the CA Endowment protect funding by finding and securing overlooked funds for public education.

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