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Issue Position: Jobs and the Economy

Issue Position

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Once elected to Congress, Joe's number one priority will be restoring job growth and economic growth so that everyone can realize their own unique version of the American Dream. In order to accomplish these goals, we need to not only create an environment that fosters job creation, but we also need to put the country back on track to get our fiscal house in order. There are several concrete ways we can accomplish these goals.

Joe will propose strengthening our Buy America laws to require that American companies get the first crack at all federal contracts, so our hard earned tax dollars create jobs here, not in China or India. In the Colorado House of Representatives, Joe sponsored the Buy American Act that creates a preference for Colorado companies bidding on state contracts that use American-made products and materials.

Joe will end special tax breaks that encourage companies to outsource U.S. jobs to other countries, like China and India.

Joe will work to make banks provide loans to small businesses and homeowners again - so that we can get needed capital back into the economy and get it growing.

Joe worked on the Audit Committee and helped identify $71 million in waste, fraud and abuse in order to help balance the Colorado budget. By reducing waste in the state and at a federal level, we can cut our debt and improve the economy.

Joe favors ending the Bush tax cuts for people earning over two hundred and fifty thousand dollars a year and using that money to pay down the deficit.
As a state legislator Joe was a leader in making Colorado the nation's leader in clean, renewable energies. In Congress Joe will continue to push to end our dependence on foreign oil, so we can create new, good paying jobs that can't be outsourced to other countries.

As a state legislator, Joe voted to cut his own pay, and he'll do the same in Congress. Joe even proposes withholding pay for all Members of Congress until they pass a budget.

Through Joe's career he has worked at a high-tech internet start-up company and Project CURE, a local non-profit organization, in addition to serving in the Colorado state legislature for four years. During this time, he's focused on creating jobs and a favorable business climate with common sense solutions.

Joe voted for legislation to provide targeted tax cuts to businesses and to pay, short term, for half of their Social Security and payroll taxes if they create good paying jobs in Colorado. The incentive has encouraged companies to relocate to Colorado. Joe also supported legislation to streamline the tax system and lower administrative costs for companies.

Joe supported an idea that helped small businesses access much needed capital. The state placed $5 million dollars in a fund to help private banks loan $50 million dollars to hundreds of small business owners.

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