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Issue Position: Working for the Community

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Public Safety:

AB 539: This bill increases the base fine for speeding tickets in a school zone. A second violation of speed limits in those zones will result in an increase of the base. A third violation in three years will result in the DMV suspending the driver's license for 6 months. This bill will protect our students and bring irresponsible drivers to task by having real and serious consequences for their actions.

AB 1245: Legislation to require employees or volunteers working as EMT's to submit their fingerprints to the Emergency Medical Services Authority to check for criminal backgrounds.

AB 1959: Requires the Buildings Standards Commission to consider adopting standards for Toxic Air Contaminants during their triennial code adoption cycle. This will protect consumers and the environment by reducing the number of Toxic Air Contaminants from being released in our air.

AB 2441: Asseses a $10 tax on patrons entering strip clubs to fund victims of sexual assault and human trafficking and for funding the processing of forensic rape kits. Similar fees are already in place in Utah and Texas, and 12 other states are considering the same tax.

Das steps up to keep libraries public:

In August of 2010, the Santa Clarita City Council voted to withdraw the city library from the county-wide Los Angeles County public Library System and instead turned to a private company to run the city's public library. Many of the local public libraries in Southern California were struggling, hit hard by budget cuts that affected many public services in the area. However, the decision was made without voter input, upsetting many in Santa Clarita who opposed the privatization of the libraries.

When the cities of Camarillo and Moorpark in Ventura County followed Santa Clarita's lead, Das Williams was moved to do something about the issue. Das wrote legislation in 2011 to address the issues of taxpayer money, privatization, and the participation of the public. The legislation, AB 438, gives community members greater input in whether to "opt out" of the county Public Library Systems. The legislation also included language that would require transparency to the process of privatizing libraries, ensuring that the move is actually saving the taxpayers money, and not adding another financial burden to already stretched budgets.

Das protects funding for local Emergency Rooms:

Many people struggle to insure their families in these tough economic times. Emergency rooms are being used more and more by uninsured Americans to keep themselves healthy. Unfortunately, many emergency rooms are underfunded and understaffed, leaving communities vulnerable.

Ensuring that ER's stay open and funded is why Asemblymember Williams introduced AB 412 in 2011. The bill renewed existing legislation to use a portion of the penalties on drunk and impaired drivers to fund emergency room services, and adds an additional $5 penalty to those convicted of drunk or impaired driving. That money goes directly to emergency room funding through 2014.

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