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Issue Position: Limited Government

Issue Position

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The way the founders intended.

Consent of the governed is the cornerstone of our nation. The founders understood that you, the people, collectively had enough common sense to govern yourselves. That is why they entrusted the power to the people.


I believe that the government is allowed only those powers specified to it by the constitution. Not ANY more! This year, I ran a bill to require that The Constitution and other founding documents as well as the development of democracy be included in state history curriculum. With this bill our next generation will hopefully be as committed to protecting the Constitution as we are!


Our founders never intended for the government to be involved in the kind of overbearing regulation of business that it is today. The government's job is to back up and back off.


Get rid of "em! The state has over 500 agencies, the majority of which, we don't need. This year, I ran AB 2213, the Bureaucracy Realignment and Closure Act of 2013. This would allow successful business people from the private sector to help us identify where to "trim the fat" and what agencies to cut altogether.


Respecting individual freedom is the guiding principle that ought to limit government's reach. This includes our 2nd Amendment RIGHT. As a gun owner and enthusiast, I have seen this right frequently under attack in California and I have consistently voted to preserve it. I couldn't say it any better than our Constitution, "A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state…"

The principle of limited government becomes evident in even the first few words of the preamble to The Constitution. The government exists to an extent that we, the people, want it to. The government has no rights or power beyond what we citizens bestow upon it. It is LIMITED! We need to continue to remind the politicians in Sacramento that we are here to ensure that.

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