Issue Position: Illegal Immigration

Issue Position

By:  Tim Donnelly
Date: Jan. 1, 2012
Location: Unknown

Illegal is illegal. Period.

As our border remains ever more porous, the costs of illegal immigration continue to mount. The legislature cuts our education and law enforcement budgets yet passes horrific entitlements costing us billions!

Illegal immigration costs the state of California over $10.5 billion annually. That amounts to $1,183 per every lawful, taxpaying California household. $1,183 that your family is paying to support a flawed illegal immigration system. If the state has an addition $10.5 billion dollars to give to law breakers, why are they raising our taxes?

As the founder of the largest minuteman chapter in California, I take this threat to our state and national security seriously.


Why do people come here illegally? Because we give them free healthcare, free school for their children and now…FREE COLLEGE!!!! While the rest of the legislature was on recess, I spent my vacation leading the campaign to overturn the California DREAM Act, the bill that would give those illegal aliens free taxpayer funded college tuition money. THAT IS UNACCEPTABLE! These incentives must stop to cut off the flow of those entering our State illegally.


The California/Mexico border is quickly becoming one of the most dangerous places in the country. Instead of letting this vital part of our state become some lawless, old west town, controlled by drug cartels and thugs, we need to stand up and defend our state! My experiences as a minuteman on the border prompted me to introduce legislation that would a "state of emergency" to be called on the border. This would allow the use of the National Guard to quickly squelch the violence and protect our State once and for all!


Some illegal immigrants not only have no regard for our laws by crossing our border illegally, but once here, commit even more serious crimes. Instead of protecting the citizens of our state by deporting these dangerous felons, some cities turn them loose, back on our streets to victimize again. These sanctuary cities must end. In my first year in office, I introduced legislation to bring SB 1070, the Arizona Law, to California and stop these "sanctuary cities" for illegals. We need to send a clear message. If you break our laws, you get a one way ticket out!

The bottom line is that the borders of the United States should be protected and enforcement must be bulked up. Immigrants who come here illegally and break even more of our laws need to be reported to Federal authorities and deported, not protected by the politicians that control our legislature.

Enforcing the law is not just a matter of fairness anymore; it's also a matter of dollars and cents. Your dollars and cents, and California deserves better!

Help us stay free for all your Fellow Americans

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