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Issue Position: Economy

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Fiscal Responsibility isn't a platform, it's an obligation owed to every taxpayer

California's tax-and-spend policies defy the Founders' vision. We don't need an overreaching government that imposes burdensome regulations and takes our hard-earned money. On top of decreasing taxes, my priority is to make California competitive again to attract businesses and the jobs they create.


Cut, cut, cut. How can we breathe life back in to a tired economy? Keep the money in California where it belongs… In the pocket of the person who earned it by the sweat of his brow, not in government coffers. I have voted NO on EVERY tax increase and will do so when the next round comes.


Instead of driving businesses out of California in a push for some "green dream" scheme, get government out of the way so job creators can get our state back to work. This year, we ran a bill that would have eliminated State sales tax on manufacturing equipment to encourage those businesses to come back to California and bring the jobs we so desperately need.


Opposing the Governor's unbalanced sham budget, I strongly believe that just like every working California family, Sacramento needs to use some good old fashioned American common sense and tighten the belt of runaway government spending.


This year, I ran AB 1721, to force CARB to issue warnings to businesses found out of compliance with their suffocating regulations, instead of an initial fine. Government needs to get its boot off of the necks of California businesses to get them thriving again. Enough is enough.

Reducing your taxes and keeping businesses in the state, along with the well paying jobs they create, are top priority. From killing Governor Brown's $58billion tax increase, to introducing legislation reducing government overregulation, I have worked to make California a more inviting place to live and do business. I fought to eliminate overreaching and redundant agencies, such as CARB, and save taxpayer money by streamlining remaining programs and will continue to rein in the nonsense policies crushing our economy.

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