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Congressman Boehner: Until Senate Votes to Stop Small Business Tax Hike, Threat to Our Economy Remains


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman John Boehner (R-West Chester) released the following statement regarding today's tax votes in the Democratic-controlled Senate:

"With unemployment still above eight percent, the only vote on taxes that matters to the American people is a vote to stop the small business tax hike the president wants that Ernst & Young says will cost our economy 700,000 jobs. The House will vote next week to stop that tax hike, and until the Senate does the same, the threat to our economy remains.

"Here in the House, where tax legislation originates under the Constitution, we're going to vote to stop the tax hike. That much is clear. The only questions are these: How many House Democrats are going to side with Leader Pelosi and President Obama and vote against stopping a small business tax hike that will cost 700,000 American jobs? Will any House Democrat offer the president's tax hike proposal as an amendment, so that it can be brought to a vote?

"In the Senate, Democratic leaders refused to allow the president's actual plan to come to a vote. And so far, here in the House, no Democrat has stepped forward to offer the president's tax hike plan as an amendment on our side -- even though Congressman Roskam made it crystal clear to Democratic Whip Hoyer in the colloquy last week that we'll make it in order if they offer it.

"By the end of next week, the House will have taken action to address the tax hikes that threaten our economy, and the defense "sequester' cuts that threaten our security.

"We are the only ones taking action to address the threat to our security and the threat to our economy. The president -- our Commander-in-Chief -- came up with the defense sequester because he didn't want to have to deal with the debt limit again before the election. Now as those threats loom, the president is off campaigning, and his Democratic Senate is sitting idle."

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