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House Votes to Repeal President's Healthcare Law


Location: Washington, DC

This afternoon, the House of Representatives voted to repeal the President's healthcare law. Representative Ann Marie Buerkle (NY-25) released the following statement regarding the vote:

"Today's vote to repeal the President's healthcare law is an affirmation of my commitment to develop true healthcare reform; reform that does not hinder America's job creators or burden America's middle class.

"While ruled constitutional, President Obama's healthcare law is bad policy for patients, doctors, healthcare providers and administrators, small businesses, and the middle class. It is a $1.8 trillion law that introduces 21 new taxes. The middle class will be disproportionately affected making the healthcare law the largest tax-increase on the middle class in American history.

"Small businesses are also going to be burdened by this law. The massive cost of the bill along with the huge tax increases foster a climate of uncertainty and instability for our small businesses. According to a US Chamber of Commerce survey, 74 percent of small businesses say the implementation of the Affordable Care Act makes it more difficult to hire new employees. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates that because of the Affordable Care Act, 800,000 fewer Americans will be working in the economy by the end of the decade.

"Americans deserve access to quality, affordable healthcare, but that must not be achieved on the backs of the middle class and America's small businesses. We can increase access to quality healthcare without crippling the economy, but the answer lies with the free market rather than the Federal government."

The House of Representatives voted to repeal the President's healthcare law by a vote of 244-185. The bill now moves to the Senate for further action.

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