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Chairman Rogers Statement on Syria's Advanced Biological and Chemical Weapon


Location: Unknown

"I have made clear for some time now that I am gravely concerned about the large stockpiles of advanced weapons in Syria. These dangerous weapons, that include advanced shoulder-fired anti-aircraft and anti-tank missiles, and biological and chemical weapons, make Libya look like an antique gun show. Several dangerous terrorist groups, including Al Qaida in Iraq, are active in Syria, and I am very concerned that as the situation in Syria deteriorates, these weapons could fall into the wrong hands. We don't have to look back far in history to see that, even with the best of information, it cannot be predicted when a regime like Assad's might collapse. We must aggressively monitor the situation in Syria and keep a keen eye on the status of those advanced weapons. And we must help ensure those weapons don't fall into the wrong hands. Loose chemical weapons in Syria are exactly the type of opportunity AQ has been looking for. We cannot discount that the Assad regime could make a decision to use these weapons in an act of desperation, and we must act accordingly."

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