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Maloney Calls for Ban on Large-Capacity Gun Ammunition Magazines


Location: Washington, DC

Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) called for a ban on large-capacity ammunition magazines used on the kind of assault weapons rifles reported to have been used in the Colorado theater attack.

"Once again a mass casualty event has brought unimaginable heartache to innocent victims and their loved ones," Maloney said. "Twelve dead and 59 injured-- all shot by one deranged gunman. A man who reportedly carried an assault weapon with a magazine that held 30 rounds. What chance did his victims have in that crowded theater?

"It makes reasonable people ask what steps we might possibly take to lessen the chances of such a thing happening again.

"As things stand right now, there is absolutely nothing to stop another madman-- or even someone on the terror watch list-- from walking into a gun store and buying all the large-capacity bullet magazines he could carry.

"That's why I co-sponsored a bill with my friend and fellow New Yorker, Rep. Carolyn McCarthy, which would ban such large-capacity magazines. Our bill would not infringe on anyone's right to own a gun, or to hunt, or target shoot. It would not impinge on anyone right of self-defense. But it would make it harder for madmen or terrorists to gun down dozens of innocents.

"Of course, no single bill, no single measure can prevent all such tragedies. But this could help. It's time to begin a rationale conversation, about putting an end to such acts of carnage."

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