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Reed Votes to Require Obama Administration to Provide Transparency on National Security Sequestration Plans; Continues to Fight to Protect Military from Devastating Cuts


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Tom Reed (NY-29) voted today in favor of the Sequestration Transparency Act of 2012. The legislation requires President Obama to report to Congress within 30 days of the bill's enactment how his administration plans to implement the budget sequestration cuts required to begin in January 2013. This legislation recently passed unanimously by the House Budget Committee.

"The failure of Senate Democrats and the President to negotiate in good faith a sequestration replacement package that responsibly combines spending reductions and reforms is placing our military planning and readiness in jeopardy. Our troops must have the resources to complete the missions we have asked of them and maintain the best military in the world. Unfortunately, $492 billion in cuts over the next nine years - in addition to the over $487 billion in cuts already scheduled to be implemented - will both break the promises we have made to our service members and put our national security at risk," said Congressman Reed. "It is deeply concerning to me that with the warnings given by every Service Chief and the scheduled cuts less than six months away, the Obama Administration has thus far refused to disclose how they plan to implement these cuts. I refuse to let our Armed Forces pay the price for inaction in Washington, and this bipartisan legislation will, at a minimum, give the military, Congress, and every American a detailed plan to review."

If sequestration is allowed to proceed as written in current law, an additional 100,000 soldiers, sailors, Marines, and airmen would be separated from service. When combined with the significant personnel cuts already scheduled to take effect, this would lead to the smallest ground force since 1940, the smallest Navy since 1915, and the smallest tactical fighter force in the history of the Air Force, in addition to a range of other devastating impacts.

Congressman Reed already voted in April for the Sequester Replacement Reconciliation Act of 2012 (SRRA), which more than offsets the cost of the sequester with targeted reforms to mandatory spending programs.

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