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Expressing Concerns Regarding the Negotiation of the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. REED. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to express my significant concerns over the negotiations with the United Nations regarding the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty (ATT). As it stands currently, the actions of the United Nations indicate that this treaty will pose serious threats to the personal freedoms, national security, foreign policy, and economic interests of the United States. Yet, the Administration has voted to participate in negotiations, despite this impact.
Our Second Amendment rights are fundamental individual rights that must be protected. However, the United Nations Arms Treaty poses a potential threat to this right held by every United States citizens. This treaty cannot be allowed to jeopardize our ability to own small arms, rifles or ammunition. Furthermore, the ATT must recognize and respect one's right of self defense and our nation's legacy of hunting and participation in shooting sports.

This treaty also has the potential to threaten our national security and foreign policy. Democracies and totalitarian regimes should not be given the same arms transfer rights, nor can we legitimize the arming of terrorists or countries that do not recognize the International Criminal Court. Importantly, the ability of the United States to provide arms to trusted allies, such as Israel, should not be infringed.

Finally, the United Nations Arms Treaty should not do anything that would hurt our economic interests here at home and abroad. American businesses should not be burdened by increased regulatory and reporting requirements that could damage domestic manufacturing, particularly in our already difficult economic times. We cannot allow the ATT to jeopardize American jobs or American industry.

Unfortunately, I am concerned that this treaty will impact all of these interests, and potentially more. Therefore, Mr. Speaker, I strongly support and urge the Administration to consider and uphold the sentiment displayed in the bi-partisan letter that my colleague MIKE KELLY and 130 co-signers sent to President Obama and Secretary Clinton.

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