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Grant Permanent Normal Trade Relations with Russia

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. REED. I rise this morning to express my support for the Russian accession to the WTO and for our need here in this Chamber and in Washington, D.C., to grant Russia PNTR status so that we can establish a strong, forward-looking trade relationship with Russia.

Madam Speaker, it's simple. American trade opportunity, as represented by the Russian market, equals American job opportunity here on our soil, and I am proud to support this need to get PNTR trade status for Russia.

I am also joined this morning by a good friend from North Dakota to whom I would like to yield, Mr. Berg.


Mr. REED. I thank the gentleman for his comments.

I also thank the folks who came to the Chamber this morning, Madam Speaker, in a bipartisan fashion to recognize the need to grant PNTR status to Russia in order for us--American manufacturers, American job creators--to take advantage of that trade opportunity that is represented by the Russian accession to the WTO.

If we go forward and grant PNTR status to Russia, United States exports could double or, perhaps, even triple as a result of the trade opportunity that Russia represents to our American job creators; and in the great State of New York, that means tremendous numbers of jobs will be created.

As we all know, the number one issue facing us in this Chamber, in this city, is: How are we going to grow jobs across America? As I said in the beginning and as I will say again, American trade opportunity, such as represented by Russia, equals American job opportunity.


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