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National Strategic And Critical Minerals Production Act of 2012

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. PEARCE. I appreciate the gentleman yielding.

I rise today in support of the rule for H.R. 4402, the National Strategic and Critical Minerals Production Act. The gentleman from Utah has stated it right: It's a fair rule, it's a good bill. All it does is simply defines a critical mineral as any related to national security or the Nation's energy infrastructure. That clarity is needed. But additionally, it affects one thing that the people are constantly clamoring about in my particular district: Where are the jobs?

This bill understands what the President began to hint at in his March 22, 2012, executive order. The President in that executive order said:

Our Federal permitting and reviews processes must provide a transparent, consistent, and predictable path for both project sponsors and affected communities. They must ensure that agencies set and adhere to timelines and schedules for completion of reviews, set clear permitting performance goals, and track progress against these goals.

The President has moved toward the problem that we see in this country--that many of our mines are moving outside this Nation. New Mexico used to be the home for 11 rare Earth mineral mines. Today, it's the home of zero. Those mines have relocated over in China.

As we look at the rare Earth minerals, those are strategically important. That's one thing that this bill attempts to get at--the definitions that will really give teeth to the President's executive order from March 22.

People in New Mexico constantly ask: Why don't the two parties work together? I think there are many opportunities for the parties to work together. The President has begun the process, and we're simply adding the reverse piece to it that would make it a completed argument. The President has said in the past, for instance, that we're not working together, and he has stated in both the last two States of the Union that we must reform corporate taxes.


Mr. PEARCE. I requested the President work with us to affect those taxes. Let's lower those corporate taxes. Let's get companies back here. But the President has at this point kept those discussions at arm's length. This bill is simply another attempt to reach out to the President and say we all want to create jobs. We want commonsense solutions to the problems that we face. Work with us to define the strategic and critical minerals. And let's do it in this act.

So I think it's something that the President should be reaching out to this body and saying, ``Yes, good, go.'' I would thank the sponsor for bringing the bill. Let's work together to create jobs and get those mining industries back here in America.


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