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Turner Votes Against Health Care Tax


Location: New York, NY

Congressman Bob Turner (NY-09) released the following statement outlining the necessity for Congress to repeal ObamaCare.

"Today's vote against ObamaCare is a vote against bad policy and a dangerous law. It is a reminder that in its current form, ObamaCare will take $500 billion away from Medicare, will impose a tax on all Americans, and is a plan that will continue to become more expensive and increase our already historically high deficits. The only way to prevent ObamaCare from inflicting more harm on our economy is to fully repeal the current law and replace it with commonsense, consumer-based solutions that actually address the cost of healthcare.

"Once ObamaCare is repealed, we will have the opportunity to return to the table and develop a long-term strategy to healthcare that would include some of the common ground provisions such as eliminating denial of coverage for preexisting conditions, allowing young adults to stay on their parents' insurance policies, and opening up interstate competition. Instead of being rushed through, Congress can take the time to receive feedback from everyone who will be affected by the law, address the dangerous and very real shortfalls in Medicare and Medicaid which were pushed under the rug in ObamaCare, and create policy that addresses the rising costs of healthcare - an issue that was not addressed in the current law.

"Imposing a tax of this magnitude on the American people will devastate our economy. We must seize the opportunity to take what we have learned and develop a healthcare plan that serves all Americans without leaving our future generations with insurmountable deficits that will hamper their opportunities to prosper."

Congressman Bob Turner represents New York's 9th Congressional district and serves on the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, House Committee on Veterans' Affairs, and House Committee on Homeland Security.

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