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Issue Position: Approach to Governing

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As I watch how Washington, DC is run, I can't help but feel that we can do better as a country. Watching how Congress operates, it appears that rather than focusing on solving our most important problems, our leaders are more concerned with scoring partisan political points. Making the other side look bad may win an election, but will do nothing to put people back to work. But, it seems that too many politicians just don't get it.

We need to refocus our attention, and end the partisan bickering in Washington that has only resulted in gridlock. We need to look to find common ground, rather than vilifying the other party. This is an approach I have taken during my time at the legislature. Because, good ideas don't just come from one party or the other. The other side of the aisle shouldn't be seen as the adversary. Instead, they should be viewed as potential partners. I don't believe that we should sacrifice our values or principles, but we can work towards finding areas of agreements. After all, an elected official should be fighting for their constituents ahead of their own party. If everyone had this focus in Washington, DC then I think Congress could be putting people back to work and rebuilding the middle class. This is an approach I will take when elected to Congress.

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