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Issue Position: Preserving Colorado

Issue Position

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Having spent months living in the remote areas of our great state with nothing but a pack on my back, I have a special interest and appreciation for the unique beauty and character of Colorado. The Second Congressional District contains some of the finest areas which we must treasure and preserve, but I am not an advocate for locking these areas away from our citizens. We need to maintain sensible rules for managing federal lands. Federal forests should be the first examples of healthy forest management, not the last agency to deal with issues like pine beetles and forest fire prevention.

I have focused on these issues as a legislator, introducing legislation to encourage market driven solutions for healthy forest management. As a member of Congress I will continue to fight for the citizens and our environment.

I am an advocate for aggressive energy development, but I understand that we must preserve the rights of every Colorado citizen. Responsible stewardship of our great land demands we do no less for future generations. Clean air, water and a healthy ecosystem are critical to our state and any violations of our property rights from the pollution of our water to the degradation of our air quality must be punished swiftly and restitution required. However, the current federal EPA system has become a significant stumbling block to our property rights and personal freedoms, and it is inevitable that this has negatively affected our economy. This systematic over-reach by the EPA through regulatory fiat must be overhauled. There is a limited role for the federal government to coordinate matters that impact interstate concerns, but under our Federalist system of government most of the oversight of local environmental issues should be in the hands of the states.

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