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Hearing of the House Rules Committee - H.R. 6082 -- Congressional Replacement of President Obama's Energy-Restricting and Job-Limiting Offshore Drilling Plan


Location: Washington, DC

M. Chairman, my Republicans colleagues continue to cling to an antiquated 19th century energy policy, while the rest of the world has moved into the 21st century. Just because Republicans refuse to acknowledge that human activity contributes to climate change, does not make it true.

Climate change is not an abstract or difficult scientific principle to grasp. The effects are all around us. Our country is currently experiencing its worst drought since the Dustbowl in 1936.

Just last week, sudden violent storms rocked the East Coast, knocking out power for thousands and killing a number of people. Furthermore, record heat waves are having serious repercussions in crop yields.

We must pursue responsible, sustainable energy policies, both for the legacy that we will leave our children, and also to make certain the United States is at the forefront of an emerging green economy.

My amendment will not let oil companies shield themselves in ignorance any longer. It requires in each permit application an analysis and estimate of the impact on global climate change of the consumption ofthe fossil fuels discovered. While the oil and gas found under each individual lease may not have a huge impact, there is no question that the aggregate, fossil fuel consumption contributes to global climate change. I urge my colleagues to support this amendment in order to force House Republicans, and big oil companies to acknowledge the reality that the international community is preparing for.

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