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Blog: Hastings on the Sequestration Transparency Act


Location: Unknown

The American people need a balanced plan to prevent damaging and arbitrary cuts caused by sequestration. Now that these cuts have been triggered by the failure of the Supercommittee, I agree that the process must be conducted in the most transparent manner possible. Congress should focus its efforts on preventing sequestration by reaching a balanced, bipartisan agreement now.

While this legislation seeks transparency and is beneficial to us all by requiring a detailed report on the estimated impact of sequestration, it does, however, unfairly make the administration solely responsible for articulating the details of these cuts. It is clear to me that the Republicans are at it again, shifting the blame of the negative impact of sequestration onto the President's shoulders. The fact of the matter is that this was a deal made by House and Senate leaders after Republicans risked the nation's credit rating by tying a deficit reduction measure to raising the debt ceiling.

Over the past two years, my Republican colleagues have continued to protect tax breaks for the wealthy rather than create jobs and help middle class and working poor Americans. Now that the sequestration deadline is fast approaching, Republicans are not finding these cuts to be politically advantageous to them, due to their negative impact. The American people see right through their ruse of trying to blame the President for sequestration, when in the final analysis, they can only blame themselves.

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