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Congressman Tim Ryan Statement on the Supreme Court Ruling on Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act


Location: Unknown

"As my colleagues in Congress and the President have said, today's ruling by the Supreme Court is a victory for the American people. With the mandate upheld and the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act left intact we as a nation can get down to the business of providing medical coverage for all Americans.

"The goal of this legislation has always been to help reduce the cost of healthcare for businesses and make the system more compassionate and humane for our people. These reforms can lower the cost to our healthcare system, allowing young Americans to remain covered until they are 26, offering discounts on drugs for senior citizens, and providing coverage for pre-existing conditions. Much work still needs to be done and I would love to sit down with my Republican friends to see how best to improve upon the current system.

"Many in my District struggle everyday with financial burdens as a result of chronic disease and illness. Today we respect the final decision of the Supreme Court that moves us toward a more human health care system. And now we need to get back to the important work of getting the economy moving and helping small businesses compete in a global economy."

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