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Letter to Postmaster Donahoe


Location: Washington, DC

Dear Postmaster Donahoe:

I write to express my strong opposition to both the intent to circumvent process and law, as well as the proposed closing and consolidation of the Bayside Post Office.

Upon inquiring, my office has been told that the United States Postal Service intends to claim that this action does not require public consultation and input that current law clearly requires. We have also been verbally advised that the USPS intends to call this a "node study," in order to avoid legal requirements. We have seen no "node study," whatever that is.

Current law states that the USPS must "provide adequate notice of its intention to close or consolidate such post office at least 60 days prior to the proposed date of such closing or consolidation to persons served by such post office to ensure that such persons will have an opportunity to present their views." While it is the USPS' contention that closing one office and moving it to another location does not constitute a closing or loss of service to the community, the proposed move is to a geographically isolated location, and is less accessible and convenient for my constituents and the Postal Service's customers. It is inconceivable that the USPS has asserted it can ignore these consumer protections because it does not consider this closing and moving of the Bayside Post Office to be a consolidation or closure under the law.

I would like the USPS to explain why it does not see it necessary to provide a public-comment period in which my constituents' concerns will be considered, and why moving the post office to an undesirable location is a good move for the USPS and its customers. It is also my understanding that there are other Post Office locations in New York City and the region undergoing a "node study." I would like to be provided with a full list of the other offices that the USPS is planning to consolidate or close without offering a public-comment period.

While I fully appreciate the fiscal challenges faced by the USPS, these challenges do not justify the ignoring of the statutory protections my constituents should be afforded. It is for this reason that I am adamantly opposed to any further action pertaining to the Bayside Post Office without the opportunity for the community to present its views. Although the USPS does not believe this is a loss of service to the community, my constituents and I strongly disagree.

It appears that the Postal Service is intent on pursuing a death spiral which will result in further loss of customers and revenues. This is an unwise path. I anxiously await a prompt reply.

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