Disclose Act

Floor Speech

By:  Ted Deutch
Date: July 18, 2012
Location: Washington, DC

Mr. DEUTCH. Madam Speaker, it's clear that my Republican colleagues cherish the many tax loopholes that funnel billions to oil companies, outsourcers, and operators bent on repealing Wall Street reform. That's why they've killed the DISCLOSE Act, which would close loopholes used by special interests to secretly spend unlimited sums of corporate cash in our elections.

As terrible as Citizens United was, it did not include a right to buy elections anonymously. No, it is the Republican Congress that protects the identities of those writing these multimillion-dollar checks. They want a battle of bank accounts, Madam Speaker, because they know that they can't win a battle of ideas. They can't run on deregulating Wall Street when America's financial security is still at risk. They can't run on cutting taxes for billionaires when they block every effort to create middle class jobs. And they can't run on cut, cap, and balance when the only thing that they cut is our seniors' health care.

If my Republican colleagues believe they are worthy of competing in the great battle of ideas that is our democracy, they should put their mouths where their money is and pass the DISCLOSE Act.

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