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Issue Position: Limited Government and the 10th Amendment

Issue Position

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Our Founding Fathers intended that we have a limited constitutional government and all powers not enumerated in the Constitution were reserved for the states. In order to get back to a constitutional government here in WA State, we need to enact 10th amendment legislation to ensure that the Federal Government understands that we reserve the right to determine our healthcare policies, not to have unconstitutional mandates forced upon us.

Our state also has in its Constitution an important right for citizens to change the laws that have been enacted by the Legislature by the process of initiative. The ruling party in Olympia has repeatedly neglected the will of the people of WA State by trashing the initiatives. We need to hold our public officials accountable for their neglect of the rule of law. The Majority Party repealed the Taxpayer Protection Act (I-960), which was passed in 2007 by WA voters state-wide. This bill required citizen advisory votes on tax increases, e-mail notifications for tax increase proposals, and a 2/3 vote of the Legislature in order to increase taxes. As spending is one of our greatest issues, we need bills such as this to reign in out of control government spending.

As your representative, I cosponsored legislation to claim state sovereignty rights under the 10th amendment here in WA State as well as the Right to Constitutional Government Act of 2010 and I will continue to work for you and our rights as your representative in Olympia.

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