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Hearing of the Cybersecurity, Infrastructure Protection, and Security Technologies Subcommittee of the House Homeland Security Committee - "Securing Federal Facilities: An Examination of FPS Progress in Improving Oversight and Assessing Risk"


Location: Unknown

Today's hearing will allow the Subcommittee to hear from witnesses about the Federal Protective Service's progress in improving its ability to provide adequate protection to the federal government's more than 9,000 facilities.

Given the numerous studies of FPS undertaken by the Government Accountability Office and the multiple hearings held by this Committee, the Subcommittee is interested in learning about the actions FPS has taken to upgrade its ability to conduct facility security assessments, better manage its contract guard staff, and to enhance funding for its operations.

We need a clear explanation of the implementation and utility of the Modern Infrastructure Survey Tool, or MIST, and how it compares and hopefully surpasses the failed Risk Assessment and Management Program, or RAMP.

The Subcommittee must be assured that after investing approximately $35 million dollars in RAMP, without yielding any demonstrable outcomes, FPS is indeed expending its resources effectively in scaling up MIST.

We need assurances that MIST is working as an interim solution, and we need to know about FPS' longterm strategy to replace RAMP.

Also, as the designated leader of the Government Facilities Sector, FPS has an important role to play in assuring that the Federal critical infrastructure is both secure and resilient in the event of a catastrophic occurrence.

In August, GAO will issue a report at Ranking Member Thompson's request that evaluates the Department's activities regarding the government facilities sector with a particular emphasis on FPS' role as the designated sector leader. I look forward to the release of that report and hope that we are able to revisit this subject at that time.

Finally, Mr. Chairman, I am concerned that FPS is forced to bear the costs of developing and implementing a program capable of completing security assessments of federal buildings. It seems to me that as the landlord for most federal buildings, the General Services Administration benefits from these
security assessments.

I look forward to hearing from our witnesses today about the role of GSA in sharing the costs of the assessment program.

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