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Issue Position: Energy Policy, Gas Prices and Utility Costs

Issue Position

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Delaware suffers from having one of the higher costs of energy and electricity in the U.S.

It raises costs on families and their budgets.

It makes it more expensive for employers to locate their business in Delaware. It makes manufacturing in Delaware uneconomic.

We need to reduce energy costs in Delaware.

The current Democrat administration and Jack Markell have followed a policy of increasing energy costs. They made Delaware join the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, RGGI, which raises electricity costs for families and businesses across the state. RGGI uses taxpayers' funds collected through increased electricity rates to "subsidize" green energy initiatives - initiatives for technologies that actually increase utility costs. This costs families money and our state's economy jobs.

The Markell Administration has loaned millions of dollars to unproven businesses (Fisker electric cars, Bloom Energy fuel cells, Bluewater Wind turbines), acting as a venture loan company with taxpayer dollars. Much of this money - $19,000,000 to Fisker and $19,000,000 to Bloom - may never be recovered. These funds should have been used to reduce the tax burden, coupled with a reduction in stifling regulations, resulting in the creation real, sustainable jobs in Delaware.

Gas prices are near all-time highs, acting as a tax on the very activity of commuting to work to earn one's pay. The current Markell Administration has initiated policies that hurt Delaware and reward a handful of investors at the expense of all Delawareans.

We need Delaware out of the business of subsidizing the few at the expense of average, hardworking Delawareans, and underemployed and unemployed Delawareans.

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