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Department of Defense Appropriations Act, 2013

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. POSEY. We were at home watching NASCAR on television a couple of years ago, and my wife said, What are the armed services doing sponsoring NASCAR cars? Don't they have a better use to spend their money than to spend those big bucks on NASCAR?

And I said, Well, Katie, I can understand why you would think that. But, you know, we have a volunteer military, and they have to advertise for recruits somewhere. Where would you think the money would be better spent?

Do you think they should advertise at the philharmonic? Or maybe you think they should advertise at the ballet. We could surely get some burly, mean paratroopers if we advertised at the ballet. I think that NASCAR is a very appropriate place to advertise for recruits, just like boxing rings might be, cage fights might be.

So I made some inquiries about it to our armed services, and they said, you're exactly right on point. As our good friend, Mr. McHenry, from North Carolina shared with you a little while ago, the statistics are overwhelmingly in favor of expenditures where you get the greatest return. And the NASCAR sponsorship seems to have the greatest return, which results in the greatest savings for our taxpayers back home.

Now, I wish we were spending this time right now, rather than trying to micromanage how our military most efficiently advertises for recruits, discussing the $14 billion our government overpaid to people who were not entitled to unemployment compensation, but got it anyway.

I wish right now we were discussing the $4 billion in refunds in the form of tax credits our government has given to bogus dependents of people who are here illegally.

I wish we were talking about the millions of dollars we've wasted in the GAO.

I wish we were talking about the millions of dollars we've wasted in crony capitalism investment in Solyndra and the like, and so-called green energy enterprises.

But no, we're not. We are sitting here today. Some people are trying to micromanage how our military gets recruits for its all-volunteer Army, and they are telling the people who are best at managing our military how to do their jobs. It's an old adage. It's an old cliche. It seems like everybody knows how to make a baby stop crying except the person holding it. I think, in this case, that applies, and I think we should yield to the best judgment of our armed services in how they feel they need to recruit.

I have seen Democratic Presidential candidates advertise on NASCAR. I saw a Democratic gubernatorial candidate advertise on race cars. As far as Okeechobee Speedway, I was at Okeechobee Speedway once, and I ran into somebody from the other side of the aisle whom I never expected to see at a racetrack.

I said, What are you doing here?

She said, Well, when person ``blank,'' who was running for Governor, decided we needed to focus on middle America, she decided she wanted to sponsor a race car at Okeechobee Speedway.

Before that, I didn't even know there was an Okeechobee Speedway.

She said, Do you know what? It was the best investment of campaign money we've ever spent.

These are from the other side of the aisle. I'm sure I could talk a lot about my friends on this side of the aisle and about how they've made good and wise investments, too.

Again, in this case, I'd like for you to rely upon and reflect upon the comments made by Mr. McHenry, who talked about the very pure and simple results and accountability that has been achieved by letting the military--the people we trust the most with protecting our country and our freedoms--do the job that they are entitled to do.

Madam Chairman, I yield back the balance of my time.


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