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Helping Americans Who Live at the Edge


Location: Unknown

Congresswoman Kaptur this afternoon urged House colleagues to oppose provisions in the proposed five-year farm bill that would deny Supplemental Nutrition Assistance (SNAP) to three million Americans.

"The farm bill takes food off the table of up to three million Americans and asks nothing of millionaires and billionaires. What a shame," Congresswoman Kaptur said on the floor of the House.
Majority Republicans would "literally take food out of the mouths of children, seniors, the unemployed (and) the disabled," she said, while allowing Wall Street speculators and bankers to keep all their bonuses.

"Surely this Congress can do better."

She said the Republican majority "can't seem to find their way to ask the richest to pay something to help our Republic close the gap. Millionaires and billionaires: couldn't they forgo some of their ill-gotten treasure, especially the speculators who led this Republic to the edge?"

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