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Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Ms. KAPTUR. When six Wall Street megabanks control two-thirds of the wealth of our Nation, it's too much economic power in too few hands. And when undisclosed billionaires spend billions on political campaigns and they crush the voices of ordinary citizens, it's too much political power in too few hands.

America must put an end to the influence of secret money on our elections. The DISCLOSE Act of 2012 would shine the light on the secret money in political campaigns. But the Republican leadership won't bring it up, even though Americans, three-quarters of our voters, think that campaign finance reform is a key issue for the election, and 69 percent of the public believes that super PACs should be illegal. Yet House Republican leaders refuse to bring up the DISCLOSE Act.

It's long past due that we put power back in the hands of ordinary citizens. In fact, let's rechannel the billions being wasted on campaign overkill to help our seniors afford food and to balance the national budget.

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