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Issue Position: Washington Reform

Issue Position

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Washington is rigged to work for those with an army of lawyers and an army of lobbyists. I've seen the thundering herds of lobbyists fill the halls of Congress first-hand, and I can tell you that Washington works for them and the big corporations and banks they represent, but too often it doesn't work for middle class families. That's got to change. We need

- serious campaign finance reform so that elected officials are truly representatives of the people
- to stop the revolving door between Congress and lobbying firms, beginning with a lifetime ban on members of Congress from becoming lobbyists, stronger restrictions to stop the revolving door from Congressional staffer to industry representative, and more serious restrictions on lobbyists working in Congress
- to reform the filibuster, beginning with a requirement that anyone who wants to stop the people's business must go out onto the Senate floor and actually filibuster, live and in person, so that the American people see precisely who is creating gridlock, and
- to support a strong Government Accountability Office, an independent voice to prevent fraud and to stop wasteful practices.

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