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Grant Permanent Normal Trade Relations with Russia

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. BERG. Today, I rise to urge Congress to grant permanent normal trade relations, also known as PNTR, with Russia. Russia will soon join the World Trade Organization. This will increase trade with Russia, and it will create significant export opportunities. However, before we can take advantage of these trade benefits, we must grant permanent normal trade relations with Russia.

This is a great opportunity for our State of North Dakota to increase trade with the ninth largest economy in the world. In 2011, last year, North Dakota had over $46 million worth of exports to Russia. This impacted 160 jobs in our State directly. That number will grow significantly if we grant PNTR to Russia. On the other hand, failing to grant them PNTR will significantly impact North Dakota businesses as well as all American businesses. It will put us at a competitive disadvantage.

This is why it is important for Congress to grant permanent normal trade relations with Russia and to do it as quickly as possible.


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