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Opposing the Repeal of the Affordable Care Act

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Ms. BROWN of Florida. Mr. Speaker, the poor will always be with us, but our job is to help raise the standards. I've got to tell you, if it were not already invented, I would say this Congress invented the words the ``do nothing Congress''--do nothing.

Today is the second day that we are debating the repeal of the Affordable Care Act. Let me be clear that not one single person who has come to this floor debating doing away with it doesn't have insurance, because we have the best insurance. In fact, my blood pressure is up, so I went downstairs. Because I have insurance, I was able to test my blood pressure and get some additional medication. In fact, later I was able to go to the dentist because I have insurance. Yet what we are debating is you at home not having health care, because we--everybody in this House, every Member who has come to this floor--has health care.

Every single President, since Theodore Franklin Roosevelt, for 75 years has tried to push some form of universal health care, and I want to thank President Barack Obama. They like to say ``ObamaCare.'' I want to say, ``President Barack Obama cares, and he was able to accomplish something.'' Let's be clear that the President proposes, and the Congress disposes. So it had to be the Congress. It was the Democratic Congress, the Democratic Senate, and the President that passed the bill.

Instead of discussing health care repeal, we should be debating VA construction. In my State as of July 1, the VA paid an additional $500,000 to rent a portable operating room for a project that is 95 percent complete, but we haven't had a chance on the floor to take up VA construction. We have 31 times that we're taking up repealing health care. I visited that facility last month, and I found out that it would have been a health risk not to expand the program for the veterans in that area.

People often say, ``What did the Democratic House, President, and Congress do?'' We passed the largest VA budget in the history of the United States of America. We took care of the veterans. We had a far-reaching budget. We gave care to the caregivers of our veterans. It goes on and on.

I really do believe to whom God has given much, much is expected. He expects us to work to empower the American people with jobs and health care. Basically ``do nothing'' is the label of this Congress, the Do-Nothing Congress.

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