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Welfare Reform
Kevin Bryant has compassion for those unable to do for themselves, but He is frustrated by tax dollars doled out to those unwilling to do for themselves. Our welfare systems need to give a "hand up" instead of a "hand out." The system needs to empower individuals by training, finding work, and ending the vicious cycle of poverty. Bryant also recognizes the trend of our welfare system to reward laziness & irresponsibility, while punishing hard work and personal character.

We are a nation of immigrants. Or our ancestors came to America to work, live, and prosper in peace. However, the current influx of immigrants seeking free healthcare and government benefits causes concern. While we should remain a melting pot, we must empower immigrants to become self-sufficient. To do this, welfare reform must accompany law enforcement empowerment to reduce our illegal immigration problems. Our ancestors came to this country and worked to make a living without welfare to depend on, and today's immigrants should be able to do the same.

2nd Amendment
Kevin Bryant has vowed to defend the Constitution and the right to own firearms, as enumerated in the Second Amendment. Kevin personally has a concealed weapon permit and encourages all citizens, especially women and seniors, to acquire a CWP and other necessary-self defense training. Bryant is a defender of the Constitution and will not compromise on your freedoms.

Property Rights
Whether you've got a 3 story mansion, or a 30 year-old doublewide, it is your home. You work hard, pay your taxes and your bills. Your home is the very best that you can provide for your family. Your home is your castle. Bryant is in the process of strengthening our state's eminent domain laws. In the wake of the shocking ruling concerning New London Connecticut's public taking, he is committed to addressing Property Rights Legislation. He will not rest until the New London scenario becomes absolutely impossible in South Carolina!

Kevin Bryant believes the family is one of the most basic and critical institutions in America. In the family, children learn basic relational skills and morals from their mom, dad and siblings. Parents provide the care children need during years of nurturing, as well as countless hours of teaching them the skills to succeed in life. The family unit is where individuals learn to grow into mature adults and repeat the process with children of their own.

Empowering parents, while keeping the government from intervening as much as possible, is the best way the government can help parents build strong families to continue the strength of society. Despite the claims of many bureaucrats, parents are the best advocates for their children and know best how to raise them.

Bryant is wholeheartedly committed to the sanctity of marriage as prescribed by our Creator. Bryant will support legislation and or a Constitutional Amendment defining marriage as a union between a man and a woman. The basic institution of humanity is under attack by the extreme left and Bryant will stand firm.

Protecting the sanctity of human life is one of Kevin Bryant's top priorities. As a father of three, he understands that a fetus is more than an object; it is a live child with its own personality and character inside the womb.

In the United States, 40 million abortions have occurred over the last three decades, ending these young, innocent lives. As your S.C. Senator, Bryant is an outspoken defender for the unborn and will support measures that limit the abortion-on-demand policies created in 1973 by the Supreme Court's decision on Roe v. Wade.

Many concerned citizens desire to be informed of political candidates' faith. Bryant is a born-again Christian, having trusted Jesus Christ as personal savior not by works, but through faith. He came to this saving knowledge at 8 years old. Christian principles are an important part of Kevin's enthusiasm to display a servant leadership approach to public office, as well has his business, family, and community obligations.

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