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Issue Position: Economy

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Business Regulation Reform
He believes the grip of excessive regulation on S.C. businesses is leaving free enterprise in jeopardy and believes this current trend must be corrected to preserve prosperity.
Bryant would like for Government to take a new approach to how we regulate business. Instead of the cumbersome micromanagement of our businesses with paper work, he would rather focus on the investigation and prosecution of fraud, abuse, and corruption.

Tort Reform
The S.C. Legislature needs to pass legal reforms to cut down on the frivolous lawsuits that provide a drag to our economic well-being. Reasonable tort reform will dramatically affect almost every aspect of life in S.C. The most obvious lawsuit abuses are directed at our Healthcare, Retail, and Construction industries, but Bryant is convinced that tort reform will even impact our education system, and will encourage economic development growth.

Lake Hartwell
Proper water level in Lake Hartwell, the third most visited lake in the United States, is vital to Anderson's economy. Our most recent drought triggered $123 million in lost revenue (this figure does not include loses from real estate sales and rentals). Currently an inter-basin water transfer exists upstream from Lake Hartwell authorizing Greenville County to withdraw up to 150 million gallons of water per day if the need arises. Unfortunately, this transfer is not based on the needs of our lake but of the recipient. This policy must be revised, permitting water transfers only if our lake level is not jeopardized.

Water management in our area should be based on sound science. Bryant recognizes the essential need for a comprehensive water study and sound water policy. As water needs grow, especially in dense metropolitan areas like Atlanta, a responsible compact is crucial with the State of Georgia, protecting the best interests of Lake Hartwell.

Agriculture, being S.C.'s 2nd largest industry, needs our support. Bryant's strong support for tax reform and regulation reform will be an advantage to the family farmer, as any small business.

We need to explore assisting the industry similar to Florida's promotion of the Florida Orange. Bryant also recognizes that the resulting soil conditions from tobacco farming have been found to be ideal for cotton. Bryant would like to research the possibility of helping tobacco farmers transition to cotton, since the use of tobacco is on the decline.

The South Carolina Department of Agriculture's Small Farms Program was the first of its kind in the country. The program provides assistance to small family farmers with an emphasis on dissemination of information, referrals, and counseling. Special importance is placed on farmer owned marketing cooperatives, land retention, alternative land use, and community development. Major focus is also centered on identifying and securing financial resources, locating profitable markets, and assisting farmers with efficient farm operations.

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