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Issue Position: Taxation

Issue Position

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Government Growth
As a fiscal conservative, Kevin supports reducing the tax burden of individuals, families, seniors and small businesses, because government bureaucrats cannot control their thirst for gratuitous spending. Despite their claims, bureaucrats do not know how to spend money better than those who earn it.

A recent study by the Congressional Joint Economic Committee indicates the government collects $1.40 for every one dollar of service provided. In other words, nearly 28 percent of taxpayer money is wasted before it is put to work. For this reason, Bryant is working to ensure less money is taken from hard-working taxpayers' income.

Property Tax Reform
Property tax reform has always been a key element in Bryant's political philosophy, yet he has met strong resistance in the legislature. Recently, thanks to grassroots involvement from citizens, the public outcry has finally been heard in Columbia! There are many bills under consideration for property tax relief of which Bryant is sponsor. The best proposals call for the total elimination of property taxes while funding local government with the sales tax.

Bryant believes that sales tax is the fairest of all taxes. The more one spends, the more one pays the sales tax. He is committed to this principle, however, that an increase in the sales tax must be matched by an elimination of another tax.

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