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Repeal of Obamacare Act

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mrs. EMERSON. Mr. Speaker, three branches of the federal government now agree: the Affordable Care Act is a tax, and it falls to Congress to repeal this tax.

American families, employers, patients and providers have known this all along. CBO says the health care law will cost 800,000 American jobs. Taxpayers are footing more than a trillion dollar bill for the privilege of putting more Americans out of work. It is a tax on top of a tax.

How much more damage can this Administration inflict on the American economy? How much more uncertainty can our small businesses bear? What American senior citizen feels comfortable with handing over their health care decisions to an unelected board deep in a federal office or inflicting a $500 billion cut to Medicare?

This law represents the most chilling powers of government: to tax as a form of interference with our freedoms, to get between Americans and their earnings at the same time it gets between Americans and their liberties. The taxes included in the ACA punish Americans for not doing something the government has decided to require.

We are here today to start a long, important conversation in Congress and in the nation about ridding ourselves of this law's dire consequences, intended and unintended. We will not settle the matter today, but it is vital that the people know we are working to strike down a tax we do not want, cannot afford and will not pay as a price for our freedom.


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