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Statement from Gov. Nikki Haley on White House's Charleston Port Announcement


Location: Unknown

Governor Nikki Haley tonight released the following statement after the White House announced plans to expedite expansion and modernization for the Port of Charleston:

"This is a huge win for Charleston and for all of South Carolina. Back in February, I stressed to the President how important deepening Charleston's Port was and how frustrating the Army Corps' timetable was, and I'm thrilled to see the Administration has sped up our project. We've said all along that Charleston was the class of the ports on the east coast, that we weren't afraid of competition, and that at the end of the day we would have a 50 ft deepwater port that was envied around the world. Today is a huge, huge leap forward for our state."

As a part of his own statement tonight, U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham praised Gov. Haley's work and vision on ports issues:

"I want to thank Governor Haley for her work in helping push Charleston's case forward and creating a new, national vision for ports. She continually brought this issue up in her meetings with President Obama and Vice President Biden. She helped ensure this critical project was on their radar."

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